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Don't forget to ask us about Drop-Shipping

Image of a Packge being Shipped via Drop-Shipping

NEW!  Drop Shipping

We have recently begun offering drop-shipping services for our customers that wish to participate. Drop-shipping allows you to advertise your prints for sale, make sales, and take orders without having to keep an inventory on hand. As you make sales and receive orders, you can send your order information to us and we can print, package, and ship your order directly to your customer for you. Truly one-stop shopping. You simply sit back and collect a paycheck.

For more information regarding our drop-shipping services, or to find out how to set up your account, please Contact Us right away!

Shipping Proof Prints and Other Small Prints - $5.95

For proof prints, paper samples, calibration kits, and all other small prints that are 8x10 or less, we ship these items in a plain 9"x12" envelope. Usually there is a piece of rigid cardboard or chipboard in the envelope to minimize the risk of the envelope being bent or corners being damaged. These envelopes are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class Mail. The shipping cost for anything falling under this category is $5.95.

Shipping Anything that Can be Rolled - $7.95 to $14.95

Smaller photo prints which can be rolled, or packaged into small boxes or oversized mailing envelopes are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail. Priority Mail allows us to include a tracking link with all pertinent tracking information on your package, so that you can keep an eye on it's location throughout the shipping process. Items that fall under this category will usually be flat prints which can be rolled and packaged into a mailing tube. These prints are wrapped in butcher paper, placed into a rigid mailing tube to minimize the risk of being crushed, bent, or creased during transit. Other items such as small stretched canvas prints, or mini canvas prints will also fall under this category and will be packaged with a combination of bubble wrap and loose styrofoam fill inside of a Priority Mail box, as necessary. The shipping cost for items in this category can range from $7.95 to $14.95 depending on the number of items in the package, size of items in the package, and final destination of the package.

Shipping Medium Stretched Canvas Prints - $19.95 to $49.95

Stretched canvas prints that are too large to fit into the standard USPS Priority Mail boxes, but not too large that they have to go through UPS are packaged by us here in our studio inside of standard brown mailing boxes. We pack and ship canvas prints up to 24"x36" here in our studio, and prices will vary depending on the exact print size and destination. Prints are wrapped in bubble wrap, then surrounded with loose styrofoam fill inside of a rigid cardboard box. All prints are insured to arrive safely and are tracked during transit.

Shipping Large Stretched Canvas Prints - $59.95 or higher

Large stretched canvas prints, which can not be rolled, or easily packaged by us, are shipped via the United Parcel Service (UPS). We have a contact at a local UPS store that handles all packaging and shipping of larger items for our company. The prints are packaged professionally by UPS to ensure their safety during transit, and most importantly to ensure that if there is any damage incurred during transit, your print is fully insured and will be replaced by us at no extra charge. Prints falling under this category include very large items that we do not feel comfortable packaging in our studio, or shipping through the USPS. These shipping charges are slightly higher than some of our competitor's prices, but, there is absolutely no risk with our shipping procedure, unlike our competition. You are 100% fully insured against any damage or issues that may arise during shipping. The shipping cost for itmes in this category can range from $59.95 and up, depending on the size of the canvas print, quantity of prints in the package, and final destination of the package.

Prints Damaged During Shipping

It is inevitable that eventually one of our customers is going to receive a package or print that was damaged during shipping. In order to ensure that we can offer you free replacement prints, please make sure to follow these instructions. First, take a few photographs of the damaged package prior to opening, making sure to illustrate the level of damage incurred. Next, open the package carefully, and retain all of the packaging materials included. If the prints inside of the package are damaged as well, please photograph the damaged prints, again, making sure to illustrate any creases, folds, scuffs, smudges, rips or tears in the prints. By following these steps, and sending us the photographs of the damaged package and prints, we should be able to completely replace your damaged order for no extra charge.