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Digitally Capture and Reproduce
Your Artwork as Giclees

Image of an original painting being photoggraphed and digitally reproduced in a photo studio

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Why Should I Reproduce My Art?

Even though the economy has recovered, the market for original artwork has remained much lower than in the past. This is a serious problem for professional artists who live solely off the sales of their paintings. Many artists don't have full-time jobs to fall back on. Art is their lives, and their lives are being threatened by this change in sentiment regarding original art. There is a solution, however, and it is Original Artwork Reproduction. Art Reproduction can open up a whole world of opportunities for the artist including giclee prints and many other products.

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Price Calculator

This price calculator will estimate the cost of any size artwork reproduction based on the dimensions of the original piece of artwork. It is suitable for all standard sizes and any custom sizes. Give it a try!

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What Exactly is Artwork Reproduction?

As you can plainly see, Artwork Reproduction is
simply taking an original painting, drawing, or
photograph that you would like to make printed
copies of. The original is brought into our studio
where we professionally, digitally photograph the
painting in our photo studio using our unique
reproduction method, we import the digitally
captured image into the computer, edit it, color
correct it, and adjust it to the optimum settings
to most closely match the original as possible.

Image of another original artwork next to its reproduction
And, to top it off, we offer unlimited free proof printing on the paper of your choice to confirm that the reproduction is to your satisfaction. If there is something you aren't happy with in the image, tell us, and we'll continue to adjust it and print proofs of it until you're happy with the result.

Image of original artwork next to the reproduction

Prices on Some Standard Sizes

Size Price
8x10 $25.00
11x14 $50.00
16x20 $75.00
20x24 $75.00
24x36 $125.00
30x40 $150.00
36x48 $150.00
40x60 $200.00