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Photo Paper Giclee Printing Options

Image of photographic giclee prints and a camera

Custom Framing

After you've had your photographic giclees printed, don't forget to order a custom mat or frame to compliment that
beautiful photo print.

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Photo Editing

Before you have that old family photo printed, let us edit your photo and restore it to it's full potential! Turn
old, damaged photos
into beautiful prints.

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Ready to Order?

If you've made a decision about which prints you're interested in, please use our custom order form to upload your images and select your sizing
and photo printing options.

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Price Calculator

This Price calculator has our photo paper printing options listed, and is suitable for a price quote for ANY custom size. Give it a try!

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Not Just a Standard Photo Printer

We offer standard photo printing services like any other printer, but with color
correction and minor touch-ups included for free with every print.
We also guarantee that all of our materials are 100% archival
and will last up to 100+ years under normal lighting conditions.

High resolution Giclee inkjet printing is an excellent choice for
professional photographers wanting to create single or multi-
sized reproductions from digital files. But high quality printing
isn't only for professional photographers. Our high quality
photographic giclee prints are affordable enough that everyone
can enjoy the superior quality and longevity that giclee printing has to offer.

Image of Photographic Giclee Prints and a Digital SLR Camera

Don't Forget to Order a Proof Print

Sometimes what you see on your monitor isn't exactly what your print will look like. In order to be sure that you're getting exactly what you think you're getting, consider ordering a small proof print of your photo so you can see exactly what it will look like when it's finished. Proof prints are very affordable, and definitely worth the money to ensure that your final, full-sized print turns out exactly the way you had hoped!

Material Descriptions

  • Enhanced Matte Details:
    8 mil, 230gsm matte photographic paper. Archival Certified. Smooth, cool white surface with high color gamut yields remarkable matte photo prints.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Premium Luster Details:
    10 mil, 255gsm semi-gloss photographic paper. Archival Certified. This is our most popular photo paper, featuring the same Luster E surface (orange peel) of traditional silver halide prints.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Metallic Details:
    10 mil, 255gsm high-gloss photographic finish. Archival Certified. This is not your typical photo paper. It's high gloss pearlescent finish provides for extreme sharpness and clarity and a very eye-catching metallic effect.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

You could also consider ordering one of our Home Calibration Kits to check and see if your monitor display closely resembles our printer output. Our calibration kits are affordable and easy to use.

Photo Paper Prices

Size Enhanced Matte Premium Luster Metallic
Per Square Inch $0.06 $0.07 $0.12
4x6 $1.44 $1.68 $2.88
5x7 $2.10 $2.45 $4.20
8x10 $4.80 $5.60 $9.60
11x14 $9.24 $10.78 $18.48
12x16 $11.52 $13.44 $23.04
16x20 $19.20 $22.40 $36.80
20x24 $28.80 $33.60 $52.80
24x30 $43.20 $50.40 $75.60
30x40 $66.00 $78.00 $114.00
36x48 $86.40 $103.68 $155.52
40x60 $120.00 $144.00 $204.00