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Photo Editing and Image Enhancement

Turn ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY!

Image of married couple in front of a lake - original unedited image
Image of married couple in front of a lake - enhanced edited image

Photo Manipulations

There is nothing that can't be done with a photo. Turn your dreams into reality and make your photos come
to life with our magical
and fantastical photo
manipulation services.

Read More Image of boys photo being photo manipulated into looking like an alien

Photo Restoration

Whether it's colorizing a black-and- white photo, or removing cracks and tears, restoring an old photo can bring new life to cherished
family photos and
beloved memories.

Read More Image of a damaged photo and a complete photo restoration

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Photo editing, restoration and manipulations are billed at a flat $50.00 per hour (billable in 1/2 hour increments).

The way Faville Photo quotes photo editing, though, is different than any other photo editing service. You will send us your photo, and select from a list all of the changes you'd like made to your photo. You can also explain in as much detail as necessary, exactly what you want your final edited image to look like. We will look over your photo, and evaluate the editing and manipulation you want done, and we will respond with a quote for the job.

You will NEVER pay more than what we quote - even if the job takes us far longer than we had anticipated. For example, if we quote you 1 hour, but it takes us 4 hours, you will still ONLY be charged for the 1 hour that you were quoted. In addition, if it takes us less time, you will only be charged for the time it took us. For example, if we quote you 2 hours, but it only took us 1 hour, you will ONLY be charged for the 1 hour it took to complete the job.

Basic Photo Editing

If you have some old photos or any pictures that need enhancement of any kind, Faville Photo can take care of many things at very affordable rates. Some enhancements include red-eye reduction, blemish cleanup, background replacement, color correction, and many more. This service can be especially beneficial for any individual who has some nice family photos that they would like cleaned up and prepared for display in their home.

Many minor photo editing services are included in our printing prices. However, if you aren't planning on having giclee prints done, or you need more extensive photo editing services, we're available for anything you might need done.

Examples coming soon!