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What Makes Our Giclee Prints the Best?

Here at Faville Photo, we pride ourselves on 2 things:
Our Excellent Customer Service and Our Exceptional Print Quality

Before we even started our printing business, we spent months researching countless suppliers and testing hundreds of different papers, scouring the planet for only the highest quality materials. We eventually settled on 5 (Now 6 with the addition of our new Metallic Prints) archival papers that we wanted to offer giclee prints on. All of these papers are 100% acid-free, archival quality giclee papers, rated to last 100+ years under normal conditions, and as much as 200+ years in optimal storage conditions. These papers are designed to last a lifetime and beyond!

Not only do we use the highest quality archival papers to print on, but we use a top-of-the-line giclee printer - The Canon IPF 8400 is a 12 color, 44" wide inkjet giclee printer. Please feel free to follow the link above to read all of the specifications on this wonderful giclee printer. Believe it or not, some print shops actually use "compatible" inks or "refillable" inks in their giclee printers. Technically, the "compatible" inks claim that they still retain the full archival rating, but we still cringe at the idea of using anything but the true OEM inks directly from the printer manufacturer. OEM Inks are the only sure-fire way to GUARANTEE that you're getting 100% acid-free, fully archival rated giclee prints.

So there you have it! Archival papers, archival inks, a top-of-the-line giclee printer, and the attention-to-detail of print shop owners who love their job and take great pride in their work. That is the recipe for the absolute HIGHEST quality giclee prints available on the market.