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Benefits of Giclee Printing for Artists

Custom sizes, specialty papers, and much more!

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of work or level of service you receive from us, please let us know. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we want to make sure you leave our shop happy enough to spread the word about us to your friends and family!

Professional Artwork Reproduction

The most important aspect of giclee printing for artists is the digital reproduction - digitally capturing your original artwork for use in creating giclee prints. Here at Faville Photo We offer professional artwork reproduction services that produce incredibly detailed, high resolution, digital image files that yield very high quality giclee prints. We welcome you to read all about our Artwork Reproduction Service but in short, our process includes taking 12-24 high resolution digital photographs and stitching them together to form one very large, very detailed composite image of your art. We also include free touch-ups, minor editing, and color corrections with every reproduction, as well as unlimited proof printing until you're satisfied with the final result. Once you have a high quality digital image, you can use that to print giclee prints of your work at any size, and on any of our specialty papers. Giclee reproductions are a great way to increase the potential of every piece of art that you create.

Specialty Papers

Another benefit for artists, that we offer, is a wide range of specialty papers to print your art on. Don't limit yourself to just one or two plain, boring papers - Let us print your work onto one of our beautiful fine art papers. Please visit our Fine Art Giclee Printing Page for a list and description of each of our specialty fine art papers. To name a few, we have watercolor paper, velvet paper, textured paper, canvas, and if none of those interest you, we have access to much more. Just tell us what you're looking for and we can get it! We're always willing to order special papers for any of our customers - all you have to do is ask.


One of the difficult things about ordering prints of digital art, is that it's never been printed before, so you never know exactly how it's going to turn out. Here at Faville Photo, we are always happy to help edit and color correct digital artwork, as necessary, to yield the perfect final print. We offer VERY cheap Proof Prints on any of our papers, so that you can see exactly how your newly created digital art will look before you order the full sized prints. If you aren't quite happy with how it looks, once it's printed, we're always happy to assist with the experimentation to dial it in, and get it looking exactly how you want. We can help change colors, make it lighter or darker, or even play around with the more complex features of photoshop to get it looking JUST RIGHT.

Excellent Service and Quality

Here at Faville Photo, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. There are no stupid questions, and no outrageous requests with us. We are a completely custom print shop, willing to take on any custom job, big or small, and answer every question you have along the way. We offer free consultations for every print job, and provide unlimited advice and recommendations whenever the situation warrants it. On top of the excellent customer service, we also offer nothing but the HIGHEST quality, archival materials. Our inks, papers, and coatings are all 100% archival, rated to last 100+ years in optimal conditions. We would love it if you read our article all about our Extremely High Quality Giclee Prints

Best Prices

You don't even have to pay big bucks for the excellent service and high quality that we provide. We always strive to keep our prices extremely competitive with the rest of the market. We are a small operation, and we run the entire business by ourselves (husband and wife), which keeps our overhead costs extremely low. Instead of racking up a huge profit margin, we've decided to lower all of our prices in order to pass our savings on to our customers. You're getting the same great quality as the big print shops, but we offer a more personal touch, and better prices! Feel free to look at our Prices Page for a list of prices for all of our papers and products.

Custom Sizes

The last, but certainly not least, of our benefits for artists is our custom sized printing options. There is absolutely no size or aspect ratio that we cannot print. Any custom size that you could dream of is right at your fingertips with Faville Photo. Our prices are based by the square inch, so we don't even charge extra for a custom size. You pay the exact same square inch price for a standard sized or a custom sized print. Go ahead and let your imagination run wild with all of the odd sizes and aspect ratios that you can create using our custom sized printing services. Please feel free to read more information about our Custom Sized Printing Services.