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Need Help Choosing the Right Paper For Your Print?

Our FREE sample prints can help you make the right choice

Image of a Vibrant Colorful Woman Used for a Free Paper Sample Print

Paper Descriptions:

  • Enhanced Matte Photo Paper:
    Smooth, thin, standard matte finished photo paper.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Premium Luster Photo Paper:
    Semi-gloss photo paper and our most popular!
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Metallic Photo Paper
    NEW! This is our newest photo paper, with a pearlescent, metallic finish.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Smooth Watercolor Paper:
    "Hot Pressed" Watercolor paper. Nearly smooth, with a very minor texture. Much thicker than the photo papers, with a matte finish.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Textured Watercolor Paper:
    "Cold Pressed" Watercolor paper. Much thicker than photo papers, with a pronounced texture similar to an orange peel.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Canvas:
    Genuine artist's canvas. Very pronounced canvas texture. Semi-Gloss finish.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

Why Should I Request a Sample Print?

Why not? It's FREE! But besides that, our free sample prints are just a quick, easy, and free way to be able to see and feel our papers first hand. Sometimes describing the texture of a paper is difficult to do, but once you see the free sample print, you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

Our free sample prints are just small 4"x6" prints of our basic sample image, shown above. The idea is just to see how these papers look and feel. If you're interested in seeing exactly how YOUR image will look on any of our papers, you should consider ordering a Proof Print. Proof Prints are 6"x8" prints of one of YOUR images that you send us.

Are They Actually Free?

Yes, our sample prints are absolutely free. Simply fill out the form below to receive your free samples.

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If you are a photographer or artist with a business license, please fill out the "Business Name" and "License Number" fields above and you may choose up to FOUR (4) free paper samples from the list below:

Otherwise, if you are anyone else without a business license, please leave those fields blank, and you may choose TWO (2) free paper samples from the list below:

Enhanced Matte Photo Paper

  Premium Luster Photo Paper

  Metallic Photo Paper

Smooth Watercolor Paper

  Textured Watercolor Paper