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Earn Discounts on Your Giclee Printing Order

Read on to learn more about our many discount offers.

Image of many discount signs with various discount offers for printing


Free Shipping on any order over $50.00 (Up to $19.95 value).

In order to claim the monthly promotion, you can enter coupon code "FREESHIP" when placing an order through our online order form, or if you prefer to call, e-mail or come into our studio to place an order, you can simply mention the monthly promotion at that point too.

Different Types of Discount Offers

Here at Faville Photo, we offer our customers alot of opportunities to save money on their orders. Our discounts range from very simple "percentage off" discounts to more complex and more rewarding offers. Please read the list below to see if you qualify for any special discount offers.

Student/Teacher Discount - 15% off - A current, valid photo ID must be presented to claim the Student/Teacher Discount offer. No other discounts are valid with this offer.

Military Discount - 15% off - A current, valid military ID must be presented to claim the Military Discount offer. No other discounts are valid with this offer.

Non-Profit Organizations may qualify for discounts up to 50% off. The amount of the discount will be determined by quantity of prints, type of prints, size of the order, and other variables. If you're part of a Non-Profit Organization that has all appropriate paperwork, and would like to order from us, please contact us for more detailed information about the discounts we can offer your organization.

Referrals - up to $25.00 credit - Referrals are our main form of advertising, and as a result, we like to reward those customers who refer others to our company. We offer a $10.00 store credit per referral to both the customer who made the referral, and the customer who was referred to us. If your referral's first order is over $100, we'll increase the referral credit to $25.00 EACH. If you were happy with the service and quality of product that you received from our company, please be sure to pass the word around to your friends and family, and make sure you tell them to tell us who referred them so we can apply the credit accordingly.

Reviews - 10% per Review - We always encourage our customers to leave their feedback about our company, whether it's positive or negative. Prospective customers deserve to hear what your opinion of our company is, and reviews help them make the decision whether or not to work with us. If you were happy with the products and service you received, or if you think there are areas where we could improve, head on over to some of the places below and leave your feedback. We'll reward you with a 10% discount per review (Up to 30% for all 3) on the next order you place with us.

Here are the 3 places we'd love to have you leave a review for us:    Google Reviews   ~    Yelp Reviews   ~    Our Facebook Page

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest - $1.00 credit for every 100 fans or friends - These days everyone has multiple social media outlets to keep in touch with fans, friends, or followers. Why not put that social media presense to good use? Share a photo and tell your followers about our products and services here. Mention our company in a relavent way on any of these social media platforms and send us a link to verify the post. Once verified, we'll reward you with a credit of $1.00 for every 100 fans, friends, or followers on your page (Maximum of $20.00 per month per customer). This is a quick and easy way to save some money on your print order, and you can repeat it every month or across multiple platforms to maximize your savings.

Forum and Blog Comments - $2.00 credit per post - If you are an active member on a forum or blog that is at all related to art, printing, or something similar, then you could qualify for store credit by commenting on forum threads or blog posts with information about our company. Mention us in a relavent way and provide a link to our home page. Once your comment is published, send us a link to the comment to verify it and we'll credit your account accordingly. (Maximum of $20.00 per month per customer).

Do You Publish Your Own Blog? - Up to $100.00 credit or more! - If you write a blog in any field remotely relavent to our company, including art, painting, printing, framing, home decor, etc. then please reach out to us to discuss the opportunity to write an article about our company. Compensation can be negotiated based on number of active readers and followers and your blog's current reach. We love when people share information about our company and we'll make sure to make it worth your while to tell your readers about us!