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Custom Sized Photo Printing

ANY custom size - no extra charge

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This Price calculator has all of our paper types listed, and is suitable for a price quote for ANY custom size. Give it a try!

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*All shipping prices are exact except the stretched canvas prices. These shipping prices are only estimates. Shipping prices may vary depending on the exact dimensions of your print and the shipping destination.

We LOVE Custom Sizes!

Sometimes custom sizes are just plain unavoidable. Either your photograph can't be cropped because the subject is too close to the edges, or the material you had available to paint on isn't a standard size, or, you just like being different and want to offer custom sized prints. No matter what the reason is, we're here to help. Here at Faville Photo, we welcome ALL custom sizes, ranging from small 2"x3" prints all the way to 40"x72" and any size or aspect ratio in between. We've even had a few customers that have ordered circular prints.

The best part of all, about our custom sized photo printing services is that there is absolutely no extra charge for custom sizes. Here at Faville Photo, we charge a flat "per square inch" printing fee, so you're paying exactly the same price whether you're ordering a standard 8" x 10", or a 7.6" x 10.8" (Yes, we can print custom sizes down to a tenth of an inch, if you so desire).

Custom sized photo prints aren't the only thing that's custom at Faville Photo. We also offer completely custom sized stretched canvas prints, completely custom sized mats (both outside dimension, and window cut), and custom sized framing as well.

So, if your project requires something outside of what your regular old corner print shop can provide, let us help you with your custom sized photo prints!