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Canvas Stretching for Giclee
Prints or Rolled Paintings

Image of a rolled canvas print next to 2 stretched canvas prints after being hand stretched

Custom Framing

Even though stretched canvas pieces look good on a wall without a frame, there's nothing wrong with adding
an elegant custom frame
to display your canvas in.

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Unique Gift Ideas

While you're waiting for us to respond to your canvas stretching quote, feel free to browse our pinterest page where we have tons of
unique gift & print ideas.

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Canvas Stretching Depth Options and Wrap Styles

Faville Photo offers 2 canvas depths, and 3 canvas wrapping styles. Please read below for a short description and sample image of each method we offer.

Canvas Depths

3/4" Deep Stretcher Bars are the standard depth for most canvas prints up to approximately 16"x20". This depth can be used on any sized canvas, but are less sturdy at larger sizes. These stretcher bars are made from high quality, finger-joined, kiln-dried fir wood.

1-1/2" Deep Stretcher Bars are deeper, more heavy duty, and typically recommended for most prints larger than 16"x20". 1-1/2" bars are available on smaller prints as well, but the standard bars typically look more proportional on the smaller prints. These bars are made from high quality pine wood, which makes them more sturdy than the standard bars. They are also finger joined every 12" to reduce the risk of warping in larger sizes. Every stretcher frame is cut to size and joined right here in our shop, to guarantee the best quality.

Canvas Wraps

Standard Wrapping is used when you wish to leave a solid white border around the sides of the canvas. This method of wrapping is typically only recommended for 3/4" canvas wraps, which are destined to end up inside of a traditional frame. If you plan on displaying your canvas print on your wall without a frame, we highly recommend one of the other 2 wrapping options listed below. If you still wish to order this wrapping method, be aware that our wrapping tolerance is approximately 1/8", which means that up to 1/8" of your image may still wrap around onto the side of the print.

Image Wrapping is used when you wish to wrap 3/4" or 1-1/2" of your image onto the side of the canvas, depending on your chosen canvas depth. Most images have enough extra background available to easily wrap a portion of the existing image without losing anything important in the image. If the main subject of your image is too close to the edge, you may be better off choosing our Mirrored Wrap option, so that no part of your image will be cut off.

Mirrored Wrapping is recommended for images where the main subject of the image is too close to the edges to successfully Image Wrap it. In these cases, we will take a mirror image from the front of the canvas, and flip it onto the sides of the canvas. This is a very clean and elegant look, and, believe it or not, is widely used on prints in many galleries and exhibitions around the country. We also clean up and blend in the transition for a more seemless look.