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Canon IPF 8400 Archival Giclee Printer

And 12 color LUCIA EX ink set

Image of the Canon IPF8400 Giclee Printer

Key Features:

  • 44" Wide Archival Giclee Printer

  • 12 color Archival Pigment Ink Set

  • 2400 DPI Max Printing Resolution

  • 30,720 Total Print Nozzles

  • 4 Picoliter Ink Drop Size

Canon iPF8400 Giclee Printer Specifications

The iPF8400 is a 44" wide, 12-color water-based pigment inkjet giclee printer, delivering extremely high print quality. This large format printer incorporates LUCIA EX, Canon's innovative 12-color pigment inkjet system with image processing technology that delivers a wide color gamut, smooth gradations, less bronzing and highly scratch-resistant prints. The iPF8400 has enhanced black reproduction and gradation expression in dark areas, resulting in exceptional print quality for photo print applications. The text and line accuracy, plus excellent color harmony mean that the printer is perfect for very high end printing applications.

LUCIA EX Archival Ink Set

This 12-Color ink set offers a brilliant range of vibrant colors, smooth gradations and transitions, with incredibly fine details. This specially formulated ink also offers better scratch resistance, superb black reproduction and exceptional color stability compared to its predecessor. Combined with the printer's technologies, the LUCIA EX inks have the ability to satisfy the demanding needs of the Photographic, Fine Art, Proofing and Graphics professionals. The LUCIA EX Ink system excels in reproducing colors in the blue, red, purple, yellow and green spectral ranges, providing an exceptionally large color gamut. Vibrant, rich colors with unsurpassed detail and crisp, clean monotone images make this ink set essential for incredible photo quality output.

Okay, So What Does All This Mean in English?

TL;DR - It's a top-of-the-line printer that uses top-of-the-line inks and papers, and creates some of the highest quality prints available on the market.