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Home Calibration Kit - $10.00

Image of our standard sample image used to adjust colors and calibration printing equipment

Monitor Calibration

Every monitor is manufactured a little differently, and as such, every monitor has slightly different display settings. You never want to just trust that what you see on your monitor is what your print is going to look like when you order a print from Faville Photo.

There are professional monitor calibration kits and software out on the market that could cost as much as $500.00. For some professionals, this is mandatory, to make sure that they are getting EXACTLY what they expect. However, for most of our clients, monitor calibration does not need to be 100% perfect in order to yield a great quality print. That's why we have created our Home Calibration Kit. It is only $10.00, and it is designed as a very quick and easy way to at least get your monitor in the ball park. It will make sure that when you see red on your monitor, you will see red in your print, and so on and so forth. It won't be a perfect calibration, like you would get for the $500.00 systems, but, it's definitely close enough that 99% of our clients will be perfectly happy with the results they get.

If you're interested in reading a full breakdown of our Home Calibration Kit procedure, or if you'd like more information about the professional calibration kits, please read our Monitor Calibration Article

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