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A La Carte Proofs - $3.00 to $5.00 each

Image of multiple proof prints used to compare one paper to another

Material Descriptions

  • Enhanced Matte Details:
    8 mil, 230gsm matte photographic paper. Archival Certified. Smooth, cool white surface with high color gamut yields remarkable matte photo prints.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Premium Luster Details:
    10 mil, 255gsm semi-gloss photographic paper. Archival Certified. This is our most popular photo paper, featuring the same Luster E surface of traditional silver halide prints.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Metallic Details:
    10 mil, 255gsm high-gloss metallic photographic paper. Archival Certified. This is popular new printing medium that offers a unique look and feel. It's high gloss, pearlescent finish provides for extreme sharpness, clarity, and vibrant colors.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Smooth Watercolor Details:
    15 mil, 300gsm matte cotton rag. Archival Certified. This paper has a very subtle, nearly smooth texture. It has a radiant white surface for vivid color reproduction and rich details.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Textured Watercolor Details:
    17 mil, 300gsm matte cotton rag. Archival Certified. This paper is similar to traditional cold-pressed watercolor paper. It has a more pronounced texture than the Smooth Watercolor.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

  • Canvas Details:
    21 mil, 440gsm Semi-Gloss poly-cotton inkjet canvas. Archival Certified, OBA-Free.
    Manufacturer's Fact Sheet

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