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Faville Photo caters to four main audiences: Artists, Photographers, Business Clients, and The General Public.
Read below to find out how we can better serve you if you fall into one of these categories.


photo of an artist painting a picture of a couple Artists who wish to reproduce their art for resale. We specialize in assisting "start-up" artists create, market and sell high quality giclee prints of their work. We are artists ourselves, and used to be in the exact same position you are now. Our business started because we couldn't find any helpful affordable giclee print shops in our area that could get us on the right track. Instead, we decided to invest in the equipment and do it ourselves. Now, two years later, we're in the position to help other artists accomplish the same goal. Ideally, every artist we work with will successfully create an inventory of their work (affordably), figure out how to get noticed, and ultimately sell their work to the public. We are here to help you. Use our experience, listen to our advice, and let's build your business together. Please call or email us to discuss some of your ideas and figure out how to get your business started.


photo of a photographer with his camera Photographers who wish to print and sell their fine art photography, or wedding and portrait photographers who wish to offer full service and unique giclee printing packages to their clients. Reproducing your fine art photography onto canvas is a great way to turn a photograph into a beautiful work of art. The canvas texture gives the illusion of a painting, while maintaining the exquisite detail of a photograph. If canvas doesn't interest you, we still offer a wide variety of additional paper choices to print your giclees on. Try our premium luster photo paper with a mat border for a very clean professional look. If you are a portrait or wedding photographer, you can also use our services to create fully customizable and unique printing packages for your clients. Most photographers are only able to offer small standard photo sizes like 4x6, 5x7, and possibly as large as 8x10. However, we can offer prints in much larger sizes and you can experiment with many different paper types. Offering a large canvas print of the newlyweds in their photo package could really help you sell your services.

Business Clients

photo of an office conference room displaying a couple canvas giclee print examples Business Owners or Office Buildings who wish to redecorate their walls or offices with our photos, your own business photos, or stock images. We've decorated many offices with photos and canvas prints. A large gallery wrapped canvas giclee print hanging on the wall in the office is a very distinguished look. You could even add your own logo or an advertising slogan to your prints. Click here to see photos of the Aspen Home office buildling that we decorated last year. They ordered over 30 stretched canvas giclee prints to decorate their various offices and main corridors. We can do the same for you. Call or email us for a price quote on an office decorating project or to discuss any questions you might have about our capabilities.

The General Public

photo of a group of people Anyone and Everyone Else who wishes to have their favorite photos printed on any media, and at any size imaginable. We take photo printing to a step beyond what your chain print shops can do. We carry more than 10 different media types on hand, including photo paper, watercolor paper, textured paper, velvet paper, canvas and more. In addition, we have access to many more unique paper types. Once you've chosen a paper, you can print at any size from 2"x3" all the way to 40"x60". Not many places offer the range of media and sizes that we can provide for your project. In addition to all of this, you get custom photo touch-ups and color corrections on every image, included for free in the printing price. This guarantees that you aren't paying for dark images, or washed-out or blurry images. We look at every photograph and adjust it if necessary. If you have any questions about our process, or our capabilities, please call or email.